Firm Overview

At Gallas Law PLLC we provide the sound planning and creative solutions required to effectively manage and preserve assets. Among our specialties are planning for blended families, individuals and families with varied and complex assets, beneficiaries with special needs, and clients experiencing lifecycle transitions of all types, including second marriages.

We create plans that integrate the unique goals of each client for the disposition of wealth, minimization of taxes, legacy building, and prudent management and control of assets.

In both the planning and in the administration of estates and trusts, we often collaborate with clients’ financial advisors, such as financial planners and accountants. We look at the big picture and coordinate the focused efforts of a client’s financial advisory team to ensure that goals are realized as collaboratively and efficiently as possible.

We advise fiduciaries, both professional and nonprofessional, on the many legal and ethical complexities confronting those who hold property for beneficiaries. Whether the issue is liability, accounting to beneficiaries, or interpreting the provisions of governing documents, we understand the complexities that challenge executors and trustees as they navigate fiduciary responsibility and applicable law.